§ 12-2401.  Definitions. 187
   (1)   Boot. A device consisting of metal clamps or jaws and a padlocking device, which when attached to the wheel of a motor vehicle, prevents the vehicle from being driven.
   (2)   Delinquency Notice. A notice sent to the registered owner of the vehicle for which a parking ticket against the license plate has been issued and has not been paid within the prescribed period of time.
   (3)   City. The City of Philadelphia or its designated agent.
   (4)   Department. The Police Department.
   (5)   Towing Zone. Any area designated by the Council of the City of Philadelphia, where parking is otherwise prohibited by law or ordinance, from which parked vehicles shall be removed or towed by the Police Department during designated hours; or any non-public street or area designated by the Street Department as a tow away zone after certification by the Fire Commission or Police Commissioner that the public safety, health and general welfare require the prohibition of parking on such non-public streets or areas. 188
   (6)   Vehicle. Any automobile or other device in, upon, or by which any person or property may be transported on a public highway.



   Amended, 1983 Ordinances, p. 349.
   Amended, 1961 Ordinances, p. 231.