§ 12-1401.  Traffic Violation Notices; Parking Violation Notices.
   (1)   A notice of violation of any provision of this Title (other than any provision relating to parking) may be issued by any police officer by handing such notice to the offender or affixing the notice securely in a prominent place on the vehicle. Notices of violation shall be serially numbered, and shall include the license number and type of vehicle, the date, time, place and nature of the violation, and a space which can be filled out by the driver of such vehicle in the event he waives hearing of and acknowledges commission of the violation charged.
   (2)   The original and first copy of such notice of violation shall be transmitted to the Traffic Court, the second copy shall be retained by the Police Department, and the third copy shall be handed or mailed to the offender or affixed securely in a prominent place on the vehicle.
   (3)   Such traffic violation notice forms shall be in the form prescribed and approved by the Chief Magistrate.
   (4)   Parking violation notices and violation notices issued pursuant to Section 12-3101 shall be prepared, issued and transmitted in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 12-2800 of this Title. 178



   Amended, Bill No. 140855 (approved December 3, 2014), effective February 1, 2015.