§ 12-1005.1.  Parking Meter Kiosk Receipt Required. 125
   (1)   When a vehicle is parked in a parking meter kiosk space with respect to which the kiosk issues a receipt for purposes of display, the receipt dispensed by the kiosk evidencing payment of the parking fee for that space shall be displayed in such a manner as to be clearly visible through the curb side portion of the vehicle's windshield. Failure to properly display the kiosk receipt shall be considered a failure to pay the meter fee. 126
   (2)   No vehicle shall display any ticket, tag, handbill, receipt, or other writing simulating or in imitation of a valid parking meter kiosk receipt.



   Added, Bill No. 100285 (approved June 23, 2010), effective July 23, 2010.
   Amended, Bill No. 190463 (approved June 26, 2019).