§ 12-1001.  Designation of Parking Meter Zones.
   (1)   The Department shall erect and maintain parking meters in areas designated by ordinance as parking meter zones.
   (2)   In areas expressly provided for by special ordinances, the Department may designate parking meter zones and erect and maintain parking meters, as prescribed in subsection 12-1001(2). 115
   (3)   In any parking meter zone, as determined by the Philadelphia Parking Authority, one metered location on either side of the street may be reserved for the exclusive parking of motorcycles, motor-driven cycles and mopeds. 116
      (a)   Such location may provide for the parking of more than one such vehicle and may provide for angle parking in accordance with Section 12-910.
      (b)   Such location shall be identified by signage as parking for motorcycles, motor-driven cycles and mopeds, only.



   Added, 1982 Ordinances, p. 1389.
   Added, Bill No. 050864 (approved January 24, 2006). See note 2 for effective date provisions. Amended, Bill No. 190463 (approved June 26, 2019).