§ 11-101. Definitions. 1
   In this Title, the following definitions apply:
   (1)   Block Party. A neighborhood celebration or event, sponsored by the residents of a block, that requires the temporary closure of the street of the block, or a portion thereof.
   (2)   Cartway. The portion of a street reserved for vehicular use and contained between the curb lines.
   (3)   Department. Department of Streets.
   (4)   Facilities. Shall have the meaning provided in Chapter 11-700.
   (5)   Non-Block Party Event. An event, other than a block party, including but not limited to, birthday celebrations, weddings, proms and serenades.
   (6)   Right-of-Way. Shall have the meaning provided in Chapter 11-700, whether or not capitalized.
   (7)   Underground wires. Shall have the meaning provided in Chapter 11-700 for Underground Facilities.
   (8)   Roadway. The same as "cartway".
   (9)   Sidewalk. That portion of a street contained between the street line and the nearest curb line and consisting of a paved footway and optional planting strips, the cross-section of which shall be determined by the Department.
   (10)   Street. A strip of land or part thereof within the right-of-way, whether dedicated or not, intended or used for vehicular and/or pedestrian traffic.
   (11)   Street Lines. The lines of demarcation between public and private properties on plotted or legally opened streets, defining the land reserved for use as a street.



   Amended, Bill No. 050065 (approved April 20, 2005); amended, Bill No. 150474 (approved June 30, 2015).