§ 10-2408.  Refusal to Relinquish Firearms.
   (1)   Prohibition. No person shall fail or refuse to relinquish to the Police Department all firearms in such person's custody, control or possession, after being served or having actual notice that such person is the subject of a Gun Violence Protection Order, including an emergency order.
   (2)   Investigation. If at any time a law enforcement officer becomes aware that a respondent has refused to relinquish all firearms in his or her custody, control or possession required by a Gun Violence Protection Order or has acquired or attempted to acquire possession of any firearm after a Gun Violence Protection Order has been issued, a Police Officer may remove firearms from such respondent, notify the Court, and notify the Police Department Detective Bureau, which may initiate a criminal investigation to determine if probable cause exists to believe that the respondent is involved or about to be involved in any criminal activities.