§ 10-2303.  Presumption of Deliberate Indifference.
   (1)   A person will be presumed to have acted with deliberate indifference under Section 10-2302 with respect to human trafficking activity at a subject property or business if such person was on notice that human trafficking activity may have occurred on one or more occasions in connection with any property or business owned by such person. The presumption shall apply even if such activity took place at different properties or with respect to different businesses owned by such person. A person is on notice for the purposes of this Chapter when a person becomes aware of a written or oral complaint, a criminal investigation, a criminal proceeding, or an arrest, any of which relate to alleged human trafficking activity in connection with any property or business owned by such person.
   (2)   A person may rebut a presumption that such person acted with deliberate indifference under subsection 10-2303(1) by a showing of clear and convincing evidence that (a) either (i) such person took reasonable measures to prevent human trafficking activity from occurring at the subject property or business, or (ii) the risk of the human trafficking activity could not have been minimized or prevented by any reasonable measures; and (b) the activity at issue took place without the knowledge of such person and without circumstances that would lead a reasonable person to question whether human trafficking activity, or any other related unlawful activity was occurring.