§ 10-1607.  Answer.
   (1)   In answer to a ticket, a person to whom such ticket was issued may:
      (a)   admit the commission of the violation by payment of the fines, costs and additional fees due;
      (b)   admit with explanation; or
      (c)   deny liability and request a hearing with respect to the violation.
   (2)   The regulations issued by the Director of Finance pursuant to subsection 10-1604(1) shall provide for the manner by which a ticket may be answered. The regulations may provide for answer by personal appearance, by mail, by telephone, or in such other manner as the Director of Finance deems appropriate.
   (3)   A person who admits the commission of a violation shall, and a person who admits with explanation may, at the time of submission of the answer, pay the civil fines and costs, and any additional fees as may be due for failure to answer within the time required.
   (4)   If the person to whom a ticket is issued is a minor, such person shall be permitted to appear at a hearing or admit responsibility for a violation without the necessity of the appointment of a guardian, and the City may proceed against such person in the same manner as if that person were an adult.