§ 10-902.  Definitions.
   (1)   In this Chapter the following definitions apply:
      (a)   Crimes. Crimes shall be limited to the following: blackmail; burglary; robbery; arson; murder; kidnapping; extortion; violation of the Pennsylvania Uniform Firearms Act of June 24, 1939 (P.L. 872); unlawful use, sale or possession of narcotics; violations of the Mann Act of June 25, 1949, C. 645; rape; attempt to commit any of the above offenses; or a conspiracy to commit any of the above offenses.
      (b)   Department. The Police Department.
      (c)   Person. Any person who at any time hereafter or who within five years prior to the effective date of this Chapter, has pleaded guilty, nolo contendere or has been adjudged guilty of any crime as herein defined, under the laws of the United States, of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, or of any state, and who has been sentenced to any term of imprisonment, parole, probation, or whose sentence has been suspended, except, however, that no person who has received a pardon shall be subject to the provisions hereof, and that with respect to any person who has been incarcerated, the five-year period shall be computed from the date of his release from incarceration.