§ 10-830.  Reporting Requirements Upon the Application or Renewal of a License to Carry a Firearm. 285
   (1)   Definitions.
      (a)   Application. An Application for a license to carry a firearm concealed in a vehicle or one about the person of an individual as described in 18 P.S. § 6109.
      (b)   Firearm. Any rifle, pistol, revolver, gun or shotgun.
      (c)   Police Department. The Philadelphia Police Department.
   (2)   Reporting Requirements.
      (a)   The Police Department, upon reviewing an Application, in a form designed by the Police Department, shall require the applicant to provide the following information upon the processing of an Application:
         (.1)   The name, address, occupation, place of birth of the applicant, date and hour of the application, the caliber, length of barrel, make, model and manufacturer's number of and type of all guns registered with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, at the home, business or any other property leased, owned by the applicant or under the control or access of the applicant, at the time of the application.
      (b)   This information shall be provided to the Police Department in a form designed by the Police Department, every year, within sixty (60) days from one year of the original date of application that the applicant has a valid license to carry a firearm concealed in a vehicle or one about the person of an individual.
         (.1)   In the event that the applicant no longer owns the firearm, the applicant shall within one year of the date of the original application for a concealed weapon, update the information provided in the form provided by the Police Department.
   (3)   Exemption.
      (a)   This Ordinance shall not apply to:
         (.1)   employees of the Police Department and the Philadelphia Sheriff's Department;
         (.2)   retired former employees of the Police Department with respect to weapons they purchased with personal funds and which they were authorized to use in the line of duty during their period of employment with the Police Department;
         (.3)   any person who falls into any of the exceptions in 18 Pa. C.S. § 6106(b).
      (b)   The Police Department shall, by regulation, specify procedures whereby persons permitted to own concealed firearms notwithstanding the provisions of this Section, may obtain certification of such exempt status, upon proving the basis of their exemption, and upon payment of a reasonable fee set by the Police Department to defray the cost of such certification process.
   (4)   Penalties. Any person who violates any provision of this Section shall, in addition to other penalties provided, shall pay a fine of not more than three hundred dollars ($300).



   Added, Bill No. 000659-A (approved January 23, 2001). Enrolled bill numbered this as Section 10-828; renumbered by Code editor. Bill No. 140904 (approved February 18, 2015) provides that this Section shall not be effective until the enactment of authorizing legislation by the Pennsylvania General Assembly.