§ 10-724.  Waste Management and Recycling Requirements for Certain Regulated Premises. 219
   (1)   Diversion Requirements for Regulated Premises. The Operator of each Regulated Premises shall, through an on-premises diversion program, provide receptacles for collection of Recyclable Materials and a method of removal of such materials that complies with regulations of the Department and:
      (a)   if City collection is used, provide for separation and placement of Recyclable Materials for City collection in accordance with Section 10-717 and regulations established by the Department; or
      (b)   if City collection is not used, provide for the removal of such Recyclable Materials by contracting with a recycling service provider.
   (2)   Regulated Premises Planning and Reporting Requirements. The Operator of each Regulated Premises shall prepare a Solid Waste and Recycling Plan with respect to such Regulated Premises describing the means that will be used to meet the diversion requirements established in this Section. Such Solid Waste and Recycling Plan shall:
      (a)   be prepared on a form prescribed by the Department;
      (b)   list the Recyclable Materials to be separated from Waste at the Regulated Premises; and
      (c)   identify whether City collection is used and, if not, identify each hauler with which the Operator arranges for removal of Municipal Waste and Recyclable Materials.
   (3)   Filing of Solid Waste and Recycling Plan. The Operator shall send the Solid Waste and Recycling Plan to the Department and shall maintain the Plan on file and post it in a public area at the Regulated Premises.
   (4)   Amendment of the Plan. The Operator of such Regulated Premises shall, within thirty (30) days of any change in practices described therein, amend the Plan and the amended plan shall be filed and maintained as set forth in subsection (3).
   (5)   Occupant Education Requirements. The Operator of a Regulated Premises shall provide waste disposal and recycling information and instructions, in accordance with regulations established by the Department:
      (a)   annually, to all occupants at the premises;
      (b)   to each new occupant no later than the thirtieth day after the person begins occupancy; and
      (c)   to all occupants within thirty (30) days of a material change in the Waste or Recyclable Materials removal service provided.
   (6)   Signage Requirements. The Operator of a Regulated Premises shall ensure that containers or locations used at the premises to aggregate Municipal Waste and Recyclable Materials are marked as follows:
      (a)   Each drop-off area or container intended or used for multi-person collection and disposal of Waste shall be prominently marked "Waste".
      (b)   Each drop-off area or container intended or used for multi-person collection of Recyclable Materials shall be affixed with a sign that includes:
         (.1)   the universal "Chasing Arrows" recycling symbol;
         (.2)   the word "Recycling"; and
         (.3)   a written list and graphic representations of the Recyclable Materials that the operator intends to collect.
   (7)   Penalties.
      (a)   The penalty for violation of any provision of this Section or of any regulation promulgated thereunder shall be provided in accordance with Section 10-719, or such equitable remedy as the Court may deem proper.



   Added, 1994 Ordinances, p. 706; caption and Section amended, Bill No. 150748 (approved December 23, 2015).