§ 10-718.  Enforcement. 189
   (1)   For the purposes of enforcing the provisions of this Chapter, notice of violation under Section 1-112 shall be issued by police officers, authorized inspectors within the Department or the Department of Licenses and Inspections, or any other person authorized to enforce ordinances; provided that, for purposes of subsection 1-112(3), the required amount to be remitted shall be fifty dollars ($50), except as follows:
      (a)   For violations of Section 10-711 (Handbills on Vehicles), Section 10-723 (Handbills on Sidewalks, Streets and Private Property), Section 10-723.1 (Removing Handbills), or Section 10-723.2 (Distribution of Handbills): one hundred dollars ($100);
      (b)   For violations of Section 10-702 (Litter in Public Places), subsection 10-703(2) (Placing Household Refuse in a Public Receptacle), or Section 10-722 (Use of Dumpsters): one hundred fifty dollars ($150); and
      (c)   For violations of Section 10-710: no stipulated payment shall be allowed.
   (2)   The Department may by regulation provide for stipulated amounts other than those provided in subsections (1)(a) and (b).
   (3)   Whenever a police officer has probable cause to believe a vehicle was or is being used to violate subsection 10-710(2), the officer may seize the vehicle. 190



   Amended, 1981 Ordinances, p. 367; amended, 1993 Ordinances, p. 1014; amended, Bill No. 150748 (approved December 23, 2015).
   Added, Bill No. 041070 (approved May 4, 2005).