§ 10-717. Collection of Municipal Waste and Recyclable Materials. 185
   (1)   Except as otherwise permitted in the Code, no person shall place Municipal Waste or Recyclable Materials in the right-of-way or at a pick-up location for City collection except pursuant to collection regulations established by the Department, which regulations may include provisions pertaining to:
      (a)   designated collectible Municipal Waste materials;
      (b)   the separation of Recyclable Materials from Municipal Waste;
      (c)   designated Recyclable Materials, including, but not limited to paper (including mixed paper and office paper), plastic bottles and containers, aluminum, steel and bi-metallic cans, corrugated cardboard, glass bottles and jars, and leaves;
      (d)   approved containers;
      (e)   limits on quantities;
      (f)   weights of containers;
      (g)   dates and times for set-out; and
      (h)   such other areas of regulation as the Department shall deem necessary.
   (2)   All owners and persons in control of any premises shall separate out any designated Recyclable Materials from Municipal Waste set out for City collection.
   (3)   Private Collection. Every Operator of Regulated Premises not eligible for collection pursuant to this Chapter or the regulations adopted hereunder, and every Operator of Regulated Premises eligible for City collection services but for which City collection is not used, shall contract with one or more private haulers for the collection of Municipal Waste and Recyclable Materials in accordance with this Code.



   Former Section repealed and new Section added, 1987 Ordinances, p. 683; former Section repealed and new Section added, Bill No. 150748 (approved December 23, 2015).