§ 10-501.  Prohibited Conduct.
   (1)   No person shall destroy, damage, or deface in any way, public or private real property, whether occupied, vacant and/or abandoned, including any: 96
      (a)   public or private buildings, fences, or trees; 97
      (b)   public street lights, fire hydrants, pumps, fountains, inlets, manholes, or sewer ventilators; 98
      (c)   telephone or telegraph wires or electric wires of any kind, or the poles sustaining or attaching them; 99
      (d)   statue, monument or plaque; 100
      (e)   official notices or signs posted by the Commonwealth, the City, or any public agency. 101
   (2)   No person shall:
      (a)   extinguish or diminish the light from or remove fuel from any public street light, lamp, lantern or fixture; 102
      (b)   obstruct the mouth of any sewer or drain or remove, possess or sell any inlet, manhole cover, or sewer ventilator or any part of any sewer or drain without written authorization from the Commissioner of the Water Department; 103
      (c)   post any sign, placard, or circular upon any pole used for attaching or sustaining electric wires; 104
      (d)   remove the protecting poles which are placed across freshly paved or repaved streets; 105
      (e)   throw stones, bricks, or other missiles into any street, yard, vacant lot, public park or square, or market; 106
      (f)   unlock without authority or break open any gates of any public square, park, or playground of the City; 107
      (g)   place any obstruction within 15 feet of any fire hydrant or open any valve box or manhole cover controlling access to or use of a public utility or underground conduit; 108
      (h)   use any City facility or enter into any City property without authority. 109
   (3)   No person shall camp on any private property without the written permission of the owner or manager of the property. To "camp" means to use any property for temporary or permanent outdoor living accommodation purposes, including: sleeping or making preparations to sleep; laying down or using for the purpose of sleeping any tent, tarpaulin, lean-to, sleeping bag, bedroll, mattress, blankets, or any form of cover or protection from the elements other than clothing; storing personal belongings; or making any fire. 110
   (4)   The parent, legal guardian or other legally responsible adult of any child under the age of eighteen (18) years who violates subsection 10-501(1) or (2) shall also be in violation of this Section. 111



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