§ 10-404.  Enforcement. 87
   (1)   The Department of Public Health, the Police Department, and the Department of Licenses and Inspections shall have the power to effect compliance with this Chapter and any Regulations adopted hereunder, by:
      (a)   issuance of a Code Violation Notice under the provisions of Section 1-112 of this Code; and
      (b)   initiation, through the Law Department, of appropriate legal proceedings:
         (.1)   for the imposition of a penalty under this Chapter; or
         (.2)   in order to prevent, restrain or abate noise or excessive vibration prohibited by this Chapter or Regulations adopted hereunder, or the violation of the provisions of any order made under Section 10-409.
   (2)   In addition, the Department shall have the authority to issue an order pursuant to Section 10-409 commanding all necessary actions or forebearances, and specifying a maximum period of time for the installation of any equipment or any other measures necessary to achieve compliance.
   (3)   Continuing violations of this Chapter, any Regulation adopted hereunder, or any order of the Department made hereunder are hereby declared to be a public nuisance per se. Where the Department determines that a nuisance exists, the Department, in addition to or in lieu of invoking any other sanction or remedial procedure provided, may certify the existence of a nuisance per se, to the Department of Licenses and Inspections, which shall provide notice of the certification to the violator and itself or by contract abate and remove the violation; charge the cost of the abatement or removal to the person responsible therefore; and with the approval of the Law Department, collect the cost by lien or otherwise as may be authorized by law.
   (4)   The imposition of any penalty under this Chapter shall not prevent the City from instituting any appropriate administrative action or proceeding or any action at law or equity to require compliance with the provisions of this Chapter, regulations adopted hereunder, or administrative orders and determinations made hereunder.



   Former Section 10-404 repealed and new Section 10-404 added, Bill No. 050749 (approved January 24, 2006). Enrolled bill contained no subsection (2); renumbered by Code editor.