§ 10-303.  Unlawful Conduct of Minors. 62
   (1)   No minor shall remain in or upon any public place or any establishment from the Evening Curfew Time indicated in the following chart until 6 a.m. the following day, unless said minor is accompanied by a parent, is doing an errand or other legitimate business as directed by the minor's parents, or is engaged in gainful lawful employment during the curfew hours or is on active duty in the Armed Service of the United States. 63
Evening Curfew Time
Minors 16 and older
Minors aged 14 - 15
10:00 pm
Minors 13 and under
9:30 pm
   (2)   No minor shall commit a willful tortious act which results in injury to any person or which results in the theft, destruction or loss of property to another.



   Amended, 1977 Ordinances, p. 243; amended, Bill No. 980712 (approved October 29, 1998); amended, Bill. No. 060441 (approved January 23, 2007); amended, Bill No. 110633 (approved November 14, 2011). Pursuant to Section 2 of Bill No. 110633, the amendments from Bill No. 110633 lapsed on December 15, 2013 and are no longer included in the Code.
   Amended, Bill No. 210503 (approved August 5, 2021).