§ 10-302.  Definitions.
   (1)   In this Chapter the following definitions apply: 56
      (a)   Compulsory School Age. The period of a child's life during which the child is required to attend school as established by the Philadelphia School Reform Commission pursuant to 24 P.S. § 21-2103(8), unless the provisions of 24 P.S. § 13-1326 are otherwise applicable. 57
      (b)   Establishment. Any privately owned place of business carried on for a profit or any place of amusement or entertainment to which the public is invited.
      (c)   Minor. Any person under the age of eighteen (18) years. 58
      (d)   Official City Time. Eastern Standard Time except from the last Sunday in April to the last Sunday in September, it shall be Eastern Daylight Saving Time.
      (e)   Operator. Any individual, firm, association, partnership, or corporation operating, managing or conducting any establishment; and whenever used in any clause prescribing a penalty the term "operator" as applied to associations or partnerships shall include the members or partners thereof and as applied to corporations, shall include the officers thereof.
      (f)   Parent. Any natural parent of a minor, a guardian, or any adult person, 21 years of age or over, responsible for the care and custody of a minor.
      (g)   Public Place. Any public street, highway, road, alley, park, playground, wharf, dock, public building or vacant lot.
      (h)   Remain. To loiter, idle, wander, stroll or play in or upon.
      (i)   Roadway. The definition of this term is as defined in 75 Pa. C.S. § 102, The Vehicle Code of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. 59



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   Added and subsequent subsections renumbered, Bill No. 080750 (approved April 1, 2009).
   Amended, 1977 Ordinances, p. 243.
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