§ 10-108.2.  Private Keeping of Horses. 37
   (1)   No person shall keep any horse at any location, other than at a commercial stable validly licensed pursuant to Section 10-107 (Maintenance and Operation of Commercial Stables for Horses), unless such person complies with all of the following requirements:
      (a)   At least one quarter of an acre of open space, per horse, shall be provided to each horse, unless the horse remains in the City for less than 24 hours. All open spaces shall be fully bounded by a permanent enclosure adequate to prevent escape.
         (.1)   Where no more than two horses are kept in the same space, an exercise plan, adequate to maintain good health and approved by an equine veterinarian, may be followed in lieu of meeting the minimum open space requirement set forth in subsection (1)(a). A daily log shall be maintained documenting compliance with such exercise plan.
      (b)   A stable or other suitable shelter for protecting horses from the elements shall be provided and available to horses at all times. All shelter areas shall be clean and dry. Sufficient bedding of straw, shavings or other suitable material shall be furnished and changed as often as necessary to maintain them in a clean and dry condition. Adequate ventilation shall be maintained in stables.
      (c)   Adequate food and water shall be provided for all horses.
      (d)   All areas accessible to horses shall be cleared of manure at least once every 24 hours. Manure shall be stored in leakproof containers with overhead protection that directs rain and melting snow or ice away from the container. Containers shall be kept on a flat surface, and at least 50 feet from any storm drain or body of water. Manure shall be removed from the property at least weekly during the months of November through April, and at least twice a week during the months of May through October.
      (e)   Horses shall not be left unattended except when in an enclosure adequate to prevent escape, or when properly tethered.
      (f)   Horses shall be maintained in good health and shall not be subjected to injurious treatment or conditions, and shall receive adequate veterinary care.
      (g)   The owner of any horse, or any person in control of the stable at which the horse may be kept, shall grant access to such horse at any time for inspection by the Animal Control Agency.
      (h)   The certificate of license shall at all times remain at the location where the horse is kept and shall be available for inspection, except that this subsection (1)(h) shall not apply where no license is required under this Chapter.
   (2)   The Animal Control Agency is authorized to issue regulations to implement and enforce this Section. The Department of Streets and the Board of Health are authorized to issue regulations regarding the handling and disposal of manure and bedding materials.



   Added, Bill No. 121002 (approved March 5, 2013), effective July 1, 2013.