§ 9-4609.  Employer Records.
   (1)   Covered Employers shall keep records necessary to demonstrate compliance with this Chapter, including but not limited to good faith estimates of Work Schedules and any modifications thereto, written consent for work shifts as required by this Chapter, offers of work shifts to existing employees and responses to those offers, and payroll records that specify the amount of additional compensation paid to employees under Sections 9-4603 and 9-4604 of this Chapter. Employers shall retain such records for a period of two years, and shall allow the Agency access to such records, with appropriate notice and at a mutually agreeable time, to monitor compliance with the requirements of this Chapter. When an issue arises as to a Covered Employer's compliance with this Chapter, if the employer does not maintain or retain adequate records documenting compliance, or does not allow the Agency reasonable access to such records within 30 days of the Agency's request, it shall be presumed that the employer has violated the Chapter, absent clear and convincing evidence otherwise.
   (2)   Upon request by any employee, and in accordance with the rules of the Agency, a Covered Employer must provide such employee with work schedules for all employees at the location in writing for any previous week for the past two years, including the originally posted and modified versions of work schedules.