§ 9-3907.  Managing Agents.
   (1)   Required Designation of Managing Agent.
      (a)   The owner of any property required to obtain a rental license, Vacant Lot License, Vacant Structure License, or Vacant Waterfront Structure License, shall designate a Managing Agent for the property.
   (2)   Managing Agent Requirements.
      (a)   A Managing Agent must be a natural person over the age of eighteen years who resides within the City or customarily or regularly attends a business office maintained within the City, who has agreed to carry out the responsibilities set forth in subsection (3).
      (b)   An owner (or, in the case of a corporate owner, a principal of the corporation) who meets the qualifications of subsection (2)(a) may be designated as the Managing Agent.
   (3)   Duties of a Managing Agent. A Managing Agent shall:
      (a)   Receive and accept, on behalf of the owner, any notices, orders, or summonses issued by the Department and any service of process for all matters related to the relevant property. 1223
      (b)   In the case of a Managing Agent for an owner who is required to obtain a rental license, the Managing Agent shall at the inception of each tenancy (i) provide to the tenant contact information (including telephone number and address, which must be a Philadelphia address and not a post office box) for the Managing Agent, and information as to whether the Managing Agent is responsible for routine maintenance of the property and, if not, contact information for the person who is responsible for such routine maintenance; and (ii) ensure that the information required to be provided to the tenant under subsection 9-3903(1)(a) is in fact provided.
   (4)   Notice to Managing Agent. Notice provided to or service of process served upon a Managing Agent of a property at the address provided pursuant to subsection 9-3901(2)(a)(.3) shall constitute notice to the owner of such property for all matters related to such property. 1224



   Amended, Bill No. 180939-A (approved January 3, 2019), effective July 1, 2020.
   Added, Bill No. 180939-A (approved January 3, 2019), effective July 1, 2020.