§ 9-3507.  Fair Criminal Record Screening Advisory Committee.
   (1)   Establishment. The City Council hereby calls upon the Mayor to establish a nine (9) person committee entitled the "Fair Criminal Record Screening Advisory Committee", the purpose of which shall be to review the implementation and effectiveness of this Chapter and to make recommendations to the Mayor and City Council regarding this Chapter.
   (2)   Members. The Committee shall be composed of nine (9) members, (5) appointed by the Mayor and (4) appointed by City Council, provided that at least two appointees shall be people with criminal records, no more than four (4) appointees shall be members of the business community and at least one appointee must be appointed to represent the office of Inspector General and one appointee must be appointed to represent the Mayor's Office of Re-Integration Services ( R.I.S.E.). 1199
   (3)   Meetings. The Committee shall meet at least quarterly. All meetings shall be open to the public and will allow for public testimony on policies or conduct relating to this Chapter.



   Amended, Bill No. 130769 (approved December 4, 2013).