§ 9-3307.  Inspection of Mobile Cranes. 1178
   (1)   No crane inspection required by law shall be performed other than in accordance with OSHA law and the crane manufacturer's requirements.
   (2)   Site Inspections. No person other than a qualified person shall perform site inspections as required by OSHA law in connection with installation or assembly at a job site or at the start of a shift.
   (3)   Annual Inspections. No mobile crane shall be used unless it has been inspected within the previous year as required by OSHA law by a crane inspector certified by NCCCO or another organization whose program is NCCA or ANSI accredited and which program is based upon the requirements of ASME B30.5.
   (4)   Inspection Records. Records related to inspection of a mobile crane shall be maintained on the job site for the duration of time the subject crane remains on site and shall be made available to the Department upon request.



   Added, Bill No. 170955-A (approved February 14, 2018).