§ 9-3102.  Official Dental Amalgam Brochure.
   (1)   Within six (6) months of the effective date of this Chapter:
      (a)   The Board of Health, after consultation with the Philadelphia Dental Society, the New Era Dental Society and Consumers for Dental Choice, shall adopt, by regulation, a brochure, subject to City Council approval, that explains the potential advantages and disadvantages to oral health, overall human health and the environment of using dental amalgam which contains mercury in dental procedures, describes what alternatives are available to dental amalgam which contains mercury in various dental procedures and what potential advantages and disadvantages are posed by the use of those alternatives, and includes such other information the Board of Health believes will contribute to a patient's ability to make an informed decision when choosing between the use of dental amalgam which contains mercury or an alternative material in a dental procedure, including, but not limited to, information on the durability, cost, aesthetic quality or other characteristics of the dental amalgam which contains mercury and alternative materials; and
      (b)   The Department shall arrange for the publication on the City's official Internet site of a copy of the brochure suitable for downloading and printing by dentists, patients and other interested parties.
   (2)   Within thirty (30) days of the adoption of the regulations required by subsection (1), the Department shall use best efforts to notify, both by published advertisements and by direct mailing, all dental offices located within the City of the adoption of such regulations, how the required brochures may be obtained, and of the requirements of Section 9-3103, provided that the failure of the Department to notify a dental office shall not be a defense to a violation of Section 9-3103.