§ 9-2902.  Application Form Required. 1150
   (1)   A request for approval of a permit to sell malt or brewed beverages for consumption off the premises must be made in person to the Malt and Brewed Beverage Hearing Board on an application in the form provided by the Board. No application will be accepted without payment of a non-refundable application fee of three hundred dollars ($300). No application will be accepted without the applicant's Pennsylvania Liquor License Number indicated clearly on the application.
   (2)   If an application is complete and accompanied by payment of the application fee, the application shall be stamped as "filed" with the date and time noted on the application and a copy of the application, stamped as filed, shall be given to the applicant.
   (3)   The 90-day period within which the Board may approve or disapprove a request shall not begin to run until the date an application has been stamped as "filed".



   Amended, Bill No. 070367-A (approved June 15, 2007).