§ 9-2206.  Prohibited Conduct.
   (1)   No Expediter shall violate any law in the course of representing any client before the Department or the Review Boards, including, but not limited to, the provisions of Chapter 20-600 ("Standards of Conduct and Ethics").
   (2)   No Expediter shall knowingly deceive, mislead, or threaten any client or prospective client in relation to any representation or solicitation to represent.
   (3)   No Expediter shall misappropriate or fail to properly and promptly remit funds received from a client for the purpose of payment of any fee, fine, penalty or administrative cost to the Department or the Review Boards.
   (4)   No Expediter or license applicant shall knowingly give false or misleading information in completing a license application, in providing changes of information to the Department, or in completing an entry of appearance form.