§ 9-2205.  Entry of Appearance Forms.
   (1)   All licensed Expediters shall file an entry of appearance form with the Department or with a Review Board before which the Expediter is engaging in representation, prior to any act of representation in a particular matter. The entry of appearance form shall be provided by the Department, and shall include the Expediter's name, license number, and the name of the person the agent is representing. The entry of appearance form shall be accompanied by a copy of a contract for services, which shall include a description of the specific services to be provided and the relevant price terms, as well a clear disclosure in not less than 14-point font that the Expediter is not authorized to engage in the practice of law, architecture, landscape architecture, or engineering, and is not a licensed real estate agent or broker, unless the Expediter is otherwise licensed to do so. 1132
   (2)   Records. The Department and the Review Boards shall maintain files of all entry of appearance forms they receive.



   Amended, Bill No. 150769 (approved December 23, 2015).