§ 9-2202.  License Required.
   (1)   Except as set forth in subsection 9-2202(2), no person shall act as an Expediter or solicit to perform as an Expediter unless that person possesses a currently valid Expediter license.
   (2)   Exceptions.
      (a)   The following licensed professionals, when acting within the scope of their licensed practice area, shall not be subject to the provisions of this Chapter: attorneys currently licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania; architects currently licensed to practice architecture in Pennsylvania; engineers currently licensed to practice engineering in Pennsylvania; and landscape architects currently licensed to practice landscape architecture in Pennsylvania.
      (b)   Licensed contractors may apply for permits under which they will perform or supervise work (and take other action necessary to obtain such permits) without obtaining the license required by this Chapter.
      (c)   The provisions of this Chapter shall not apply to City or other public officials or employees whose action as an Expediter are in the course of or incident to their official duties.
      (d)   The provisions of this Chapter shall not apply to a real estate agent or broker currently practicing under a valid real estate license in Pennsylvania seeking property licenses or certificates. 1126



   Amended, Bill No. 140223 (approved June 4, 2014).