§ 9-2003.  Penalties and Enforcement.
   (1)   This Chapter shall be enforced in accord with Section 9-103 of this Title, and penalties shall be assessed in accord with Section 9-105 of this Title. An establishment that receives three or more citations for violations of this Chapter within any twelve month period shall be considered a public nuisance, and the Department shall take such steps as are necessary to abate the nuisance, including an order to cease operations, as deemed necessary by the Department.
   (2)   Compliance with this Chapter and all applicable state and local laws shall be considered a necessary condition for retention of any food establishment license issued under Section 6-301 of this Code, and an establishment in violation of this Chapter or any applicable state or local law shall be subject to suspension and/or revocation of such license, pursuant to the procedures set forth in Section 6-503 of this Code.