§ 9-1604.  Restoration of Possession. 1114.2
   (1)   Where the tenant alleges a violation of this Chapter, the tenant may contact the local police to obtain police assistance in regaining entry into the premises. It shall be the duty of the landlord or the landlord's agent to establish that the eviction action undertaken was lawful by making available to the Police Department a copy of the relevant writ of possession or by verifying the existence of the writ to the Police Department, the Sheriff or the court-appointed landlord-tenant officer for verification thereof. The Sheriff and/or the court-appointed landlord-tenant officers shall maintain records of all current executions of writs issued by the Court so that verification of legal process may be readily obtained. Where the landlord is unable to produce a copy of the relevant proof of lawful execution of a judgement of possession or other verification thereof, the tenant shall be entitled to regain possession of the premises immediately and the landlord shall be prohibited from blocking or inhibiting re-entry in any way.
   (2)   Any tenant who is restored possession of a premises as described under this Section, shall have the right to terminate the lease agreement without any penalty, including any early termination fees that may otherwise be applicable to such termination, within 30 days of being restored possession.



   Amended, Bill No. 200304 (approved July 1, 2020).