§ 9-1401.  Definitions. 1107
   (1)   Department. The Department of Licenses and Inspections.
   (2)   National Institute of Standards and Technology Handbook No. 130. The current edition of this publication as adopted by the National Conference on Weights and Measures.
   (3)   Load-Rack Meter. A measuring device affixed to a loading platform at which a vehicle tank is filled.
   (4)   Motor Fuel Dispenser. A device designed for the measurement and delivering of liquids used as fuel for internal combustion engines.
   (5)   Scale. Any weighing device used in commercial trade and not otherwise covered by this Chapter.
   (6)   Vehicle Tank Meter. A measuring device which is affixed to a vehicle-mounted tank.
   (7)   Weighing or measuring device. A motor fuel dispenser, a vehicle tank or load rack meter, or a scale.



   Former subsections (3), (4) and (5) deleted, remaining subsections renumbered, and subsection (7) added, Bill No. 090777-A (approved February 17, 2010).