§ 9-1202.  Definitions.
   (1)   Commission. Fair Housing Commission.
   (2)   Condominium. The type of real property ownership defined by the Unit Property Act, 68 P.S. §§ 700.101 et seq.
   (3)   Cooperative. A multiple occupancy dwelling owned by a corporation, an unincorporated association or a business trust whereby the stockholders, trustees or members of the association own the unit or units which they occupy or own the entire multiple occupancy dwelling in which they are tenants. 1091
   (4)   Multiple Occupancy Dwelling. Any dwelling or part thereof containing three or more dwellings units. 1092
   (5)   Unfair Conversion Practice. Any act in violation of Section 9-1204. 1093



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   Added, 1979 Ordinances, p. 2059.