§ 9-1132.  Cashless Retail Prohibition. 1088
   (1)   A person selling or offering for sale consumer goods or services at retail is prohibited from refusing to accept cash as a form of payment to purchase goods or services. A person selling or offering for sale goods or services at retail shall not:
      (a)   Refuse to accept cash as a form of payment;
      (b)   Post signs on the premises that cash payment is not accepted;
      (c)   Charge a higher price to customers who pay cash than they would pay using any other form of payment.
   (2)   For purposes of this Section 9-1132, "at retail" shall include any retail transaction conducted in person and shall exclude:
      (a)   any telephone, mail, or internet transactions;
      (b)   parking lots and parking garages;
      (c)   transactions at wholesale clubs that sell consumer goods and services through a membership model;
      (d)   transactions at retail stores selling consumer goods exclusively through a membership model that requires payment by means of an affiliated mobile device application;
      (e)   transactions for the rental of consumers goods, services, or accommodations for which posting of collateral or security is typically required;
      (f)   consumer goods or services provided exclusively to employees and others authorized to be on the employer's premises.
   (3)   Violations of this Section shall be subject to penalties set forth in subsection 9-1121(1).
   (4)   The Commission is authorized to promulgate and issue such regulations as are necessary or appropriate to implement the provisions of this Section.



   Added, Bill No. 180943 (approved February 27, 2019), effective July 1, 2019.