§ 9-1123.  Verification of Life Partnerships.
   (1)   No Life Partnership shall be recognized as such under this Chapter unless the members of the Life Partnership have verified the Life Partnership by: (i) filing with the Commission a Verification Statement, in the form and manner required by the Commission, which states, on penalty of perjury, that the Life Partnership meets all the provisions of subsection 9-1102(1)(r) (relating to definition of Life Partnership); and (ii) filing with the Commission proof that the Life Partners have been interdependent for at least three (3) months prior to the date the Verification Statement is filed, such proof to include at least two of the following:
      (a)   common ownership of real property or a common leasehold interest in property;
      (b)   common ownership of a motor vehicle;
      (c)   driver's licenses or other state-issued identification listing a common address;
      (d)   proof of joint bank accounts or credit accounts;
      (e)   proof of designation as a beneficiary for life insurance or retirement benefits, or beneficiary designation under a partner's will;
      (f)   proof of appointment as attorney-in-fact or agent under a partner's durable power of attorney or health care power of attorney;
      (g)   proof of common legal guardianship of an adopted, foster or dependent child. 1079
   (2)   The foregoing requirements of proof for interdependency and verification may be changed or modified by the Commission at any time, by regulation.



   Added, Bill No. 130224 (approved May 8, 2013).