§ 9-1115.  Investigation.
   (1)   After the filing of any complaint, the Commission shall make a prompt investigation. In the conduct of such investigation the Commission may issue subpoenas to any person charged with an unlawful practice to furnish information, records or other documents in accordance with Section 8-409 of the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter.
   (2)   When a complaint contains one or more allegations under Section 9-1108 (relating to unlawful housing and real property practices), the investigation concerning those allegations shall be commenced within thirty (30) days and completed within one hundred (100) days after the filing of the complaint, unless it is impracticable to do so, in which case the Commission will notify the parties in writing of the reasons for not doing so.
   (3)   If the Commission, after investigation, determines that probable cause exists for the allegations of the complaint, the Commission may pursue conciliation under Section 9-1116 and/or public hearing under Section 9-1117.