§ 9-1112.  Complaint. 1074
   (1)   Any person claiming to be aggrieved by an unlawful employment, public accommodation or housing and real property practice may make, sign and file with the Commission a verified complaint in writing which shall state the name and address of the person or persons alleged to have committed the unlawful practice and the particulars thereof. The complaint shall also contain such other information as may be required by the Commission.
   (2)   The Commission, upon its own initiative, may sign and file a complaint in the manner prescribed in subsection 9-1112(1) (relating to procedures for filing complaints).
   (3)   No complaint shall be considered unless it is filed with the Commission within three hundred (300) days after the occurrence of the alleged unlawful practice.
   (4)   The Commission shall not accept a complaint from any person who has filed a complaint with the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission with respect to the same grievance.
   (5)   Upon the filing of a complaint, the Commission shall serve notice upon the complainant acknowledging the filing and advising the complainant of the time limits and choice of forums provided under the law. The Commission shall also promptly serve notice of such complaint on the respondent or person charged with the commission of an unlawful employment, public accommodations or housing and real property practice, advising of his or her procedural rights and obligations under this Chapter, together with a copy of the complaint.
   (6)   The complainant or the Commission shall have the power reasonably and fairly to amend his, her, or its complaint.



   Amended, 1967 Ordinances, p. 1332.