§ 9-1006.  Electrical Contractors. 1022
   (1)   License Required.
      (a)   No person shall engage in the business of installing systems, or parts of systems, used to transmit, generate or distribute electricity, nor engage in the business of electrical contracting, unless that person has obtained a license from the Department.
      (b)   Licenses issued under this Section shall be valid for one year and renewed annually by the license holder on a form provided by the Department, with payment of a fee as established in the Administrative Code (Subcode "A" of Title 4 – Philadelphia Building Construction and Occupancy Code).
   (2)   Requirements for License. No Electrical Contractor's License shall be issued unless the following provisions have been satisfied:
      (a)   Experience. The applicant shall have a minimum of four years of practical experience gained while employed in electrical work. Satisfactory completion of two years of education in the electrical field shall be equivalent to one year of practical experience, but not more than four years of education shall count towards the required four years practical experience.
      (b)   Examination. The applicant shall have passed a written examination, as prescribed by the Department, on the theory and practice of electricity to test knowledge of the National Electrical Code (NFPA 70) as adopted by the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code.
      (c)   Continuing Education. Before any Electrical Contractor's License is issued or renewed, the applicant or licensee shall have completed at least eight hours per year in course work or seminars on the then-current edition of NFPA 70 at an approved or accredited school or organization approved by the Department. The applicant or licensee shall furnish the Department with a completion certificate indicating the course activity and the length in hours of each course.
   (3)   Insurance Requirements.
      (a)   All Contractors licensed under this Section shall maintain, at a minimum, the following types and amounts of insurance:
         (.1)   workers' compensation where applicable: statutory limits;
         (.2)   comprehensive general liability insurance: in an amount determined by the Risk Manager;
         (.3)   products and completed operations, and/or errors and omissions: in an amount determined by the Risk Manager; and
         (.4)   motor vehicle liability insurance: in an amount determined by the Risk Manager.
      (b)   Copies of insurance certificates shall be submitted to the Department to show proof of insurance coverage before a license will be issued.
      (c)   Failure to maintain proper insurance, and to provide proof of continued coverage by submitting renewal certificates to the Department, will result in the revocation or non-renewal of the license.
   (4)   Application Requirements. Applications for an Electrical Contractor's license shall be made on forms to be supplied by the Department. No license shall be issued until the applicant:
      (a)   provides the Department with a copy of the applicant's business privilege license 1023 and tax identification number;
      (b)   provides the Department with proof that the applicant has obtained the insurance required by this Section;
      (c)   provides proof of meeting the requirements of an Electrical Contractor license established in subsection 9-1006(2);
      (d)   pays a non-refundable application fee as established in the Administrative Code (Subcode "A" of Title 4 – Philadelphia Building Construction and Occupancy Code); and
      (e)   complies with any additional requirements imposed by the Department by regulation.
   (5)   Required Conduct. Every licensed Electrical Contractor shall:
      (a)   notify the Department in writing within ten days of any change in any of the information required to be submitted to the Department under subsection 9-1006(4);
      (b)   secure all required permits prior to commencement of construction;
      (c)   include the Electrical Contractor's license number on all advertisements and stationery;
      (d)   comply with all provisions of The Philadelphia Code;
      (e)   correct any Code violation cited by the Department or licensed agent as a result of such Electrical Contractor's work activity within the period for compliance specified in the notice from the Department;
      (f)   maintain complete financial and construction records (including plans) for each job performed, for two years after the completion of the job. All such records shall be subject to audit by the Department during such two-year period.
      (g)   arrange for all required inspections of electrical work. A minimum of 24 hours advance notice shall be given to the Department for inspections. Arrangements for final inspections shall be made within five days of completion of the work.
   (6)   Prohibited Conduct. No Electrical Contractor shall:
      (a)   perform any construction work without first securing all required permits;
      (b)   deviate from or disregard in any material respect the plans and specifications approved by the Department, unless such change has been approved by the Department;
      (c)   permit another person to use the license assigned to the Electrical Contractor to secure permits or perform activity regulated under this Section;
      (d)   provide false information on any license or permit application filed with the Department;
      (e)   employ an unlicensed subcontractor to perform any activity regulated under this Section.
   (7)   License Suspension and Revocation; Other Remedies.
      (a)   The Department may suspend or revoke any license granted under this Section for any of the following reasons, after an administrative hearing conducted after notice of the proposed suspension or revocation has been sent to the licensee:
         (.1)   repeated failure to comply with the provisions of The Philadelphia Code;
         (.2)   failure to obtain or maintain the insurance required by this Section;
         (.3)   failure to pay any fine imposed for a violation of any provision of this Section or of Title 4 of The Philadelphia Code within ten days of imposition by a final order from which all appeals have been exhausted;
         (.4)   failure to pay a tax or charge imposed in connection with the activity licensed under this Section;
         (.5)   failure to secure required permits;
         (.6)   failure to provide the Department with accurate cost estimates of construction activity on permit applications;
         (.7)   failure to comply with violation notices issued by the Department; or
         (.8)   conviction of a crime of fraud or dishonesty in connection with the licensed activity.
      (b)   The Department may refuse to issue a permit to any Electrical Contractor who has failed to properly have its work inspected and approved or failed to correct any outstanding Code violations resulting from work performed under previously issued permits.



   Added, Bill No. 110834 (approved December 21, 2011). Enrolled bill incorrectly designated this Section as Chapter 9-1006; renumbered by Code editor.
   Note that "business privilege license" was changed to "commercial activity license" by Bill No. 110758 (approved December 21, 2011), effective May 1, 2012.