§ 9-711.  Local Option Small Games of Chance. 980
   (1)   The Department of Licenses and Inspections ("Department") is designated as the licensing authority for the City under the Local Option Small Games of Chance Act ("Act") (10 P.S. §§ 311 et seq.). The Department shall have all the powers and shall carry out all the duties the Act prescribes for licensing authorities.
   (2)   Eligible organizations, as defined under the Act, shall apply to the Department on the form prescribed by the Secretary of Revenue for a license to conduct or operate any games of chance within the City. As set forth in the Act, each eligible organization shall pay an annual license fee of one hundred dollars ($100), except the annual license fee for a limited occasion license shall be ten dollars ($10).
   (3)   The Department shall also issue special permits for raffles in which a licensee proposes to award individual prizes having a cash value in excess of five hundred dollars ($500). In accordance with the Act, the Department shall by regulation establish a fee for such special permits, not to exceed twenty-five dollars ($25).
   (4)   Issuance, revocation, and non-renewal of licenses and permits under this Section shall be governed by the provisions of the Act.



   Added, Bill No. 010010 (approved June 4, 2001).