§ 9-627.  Commercial Establishments on Residential Blockfaces. 925
   (1)   Legislative Findings. The Council finds that:
      (a)   There has been a growing problem in neighborhoods with nuisance retail shops, including but not limited to take out, convenience establishments. As nuisance stores, these shops have become a haven for drug activity and crime.
      (b)   Many of these take out establishments, because of the clientele which they attract and the late night hours during which they operate, have a negative impact upon the safety of adjacent areas, particularly when such adjacent areas are residential in nature.
      (c)   In order to prevent crime and to promote a feeling of safety in the City of Philadelphia's communities and neighborhoods, restrictions in addition to those contained in existing zoning ordinances and regulations are necessary to reduce the nighttime hours during which take out, commercial establishments located on predominantly residential blockfaces operate.
   (2)   Legislative Purpose. The purpose of this Section is to decrease criminal activity at late-night commercial establishments and promote a feeling of safety on predominately residential blockfaces in the City.
   (3)   Definitions.
      (a)   Commercial Establishment. An establishment involved in the buying and selling of goods where consumers primarily purchase goods intended for consumption or use off premises.
      (b)   Dwelling. A building which is used or intended to be used exclusively for living or sleeping by human occupants.
      (c)   Residential Blockface. One side of a segment of a street that does not extend beyond any intersection with another street, or a portion thereof, and where eighty percent (80%) or more of the buildings are dwellings. A blockface shall not be considered a residential blockface if, geographically, fifty percent (50%) or more of the block frontage is comprised of commercial establishments.
      (d)   Take-out Restaurant. A commercial establishment engaged in the preparation and retail sale of food and beverages where the serving of prepared food and/or beverages in disposable packaging and/or containers for consumption by patrons off the premises constitutes more than fifty percent (50%) of the establishment's gross revenues. 926
   (4)   Prohibited Conduct. 927 Notwithstanding any other provision of this Code, no commercial establishment located on a residential blockface shall be open to the public between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. For purposes of this ordinance, the location of a commercial establishment shall be determined by the street address assigned by the Board of Revision of Taxes under subsection 19-1304(2).Where a take-out restaurant is located on a corner lot where two streets intersect, such establishment shall be considered to be located on a residential blockface if either of the streets which intersect at that corner meet the definition of residential blockface under this Section, notwithstanding the establishment's assigned street address.
   (5)   Required Posting. 928 Every commercial establishment located on a residential blockface must display a poster, supplied by the Department of Licenses and Inspections upon the payment by the establishment of a reasonable fee, which indicates that the establishment is subject to the terms of this Ordinance. The poster shall be prominently displayed in a conspicuous place which can be readily observed by passersby at or near the entrance to the establishment.
   (6)   Penalties. 929 A violation of this Section shall constitute a Class III offense.



   Added, Bill No. 040788-AA (approved January 25, 2005). Enrolled bill numbered this as Section 9-626; renumbered by Code editor.
   Added, Bill No. 070539-A (approved December 18, 2007).
   Amended, Bill No. 070539-A (approved December 18, 2007).
   Added, Bill No. 070539-A (approved December 18, 2007).
   Renumbered and amended, Bill No. 070539-A (approved December 18, 2007).