§ 9-611.  Masseurs and Masseuses. 855
   (1)   Definitions.
      (a)   Masseur. A licensed male or female person engaged in the business of, or employed as one massaging, manipulating, stimulating, exercising or performing similar work upon the human body with or without mechanical or electrical apparatus or appliances or medicinal substances.
      (b)   Master. A masseur who has successfully completed an examination administered by the Department of Health and has fulfilled requirements of an apprentice.
      (c)   Apprentice. A registered person serving under the direct supervision of a licensed master masseur.
   (2)   Requirements for License.
      (a)   No person shall engage in the business of, or be employed as a masseur master or apprentice unless he files a written application for registration with and on a form prescribed by the Department of Licenses and Inspections accompanied by a health certificate issued by a registered physician of Pennsylvania together with a registration fee of forty dollars ($40) and obtains a license from the Department of Licenses and Inspections. 856
      (b)   No person may be licensed as a master or apprentice masseur unless he has complied with the examination, educational and practical requirements as determined by the Department of Health.
      (c)   Any licensed master masseur may instruct apprentices, provided that there shall be not more than one apprentice for every licensed master operator. Apprentices shall register with and supply to the Department of Licenses and Inspections the name and address of their master masseur and information required in order to determine their fitness and qualification as an apprentice. This shall become effective thirty (30) days after the results of the administration of the first examination for masters.
      (d)   One (1) year from the effective date of this ordinance, any licensed masseur may file for the first examination to be given by the Department of Health in order to qualify as a master masseur in lieu of an apprenticeship and other examinations may be given from time to time to masseurs who fail to so qualify.
      (e)   The entire license fee shall be paid by the applicant for the calendar year regardless of the date of issuance. The license may be renewed annually and shall be accompanied by the license fee and a certification from a registered licensed physician of Pennsylvania stating that the applicant is free from all contagious and infectious diseases.
   (3)   General Provisions.
      (a)   No licensed masseur, master or apprentice shall operate or massage persons while suffering from a contagious or infectious disease, neither shall he serve any person afflicted with such diseases.
      (b)   All licensees shall conspicuously display their certificate of registration or license.
      (c)   At least one (1) licensed master shall be in attendance at all times during the operation of a licensed establishment. This shall become effective thirty (30) days after the results of the administration of the first examination of masters.



   Added, 1967 Ordinances, p. 644; amended by deleting former subsection (4), 1990 Ordinances, p. 715.
   Amended, 1992 Ordinances, p. 550.