§ 9-405.  Taxicabs. 639
   (1)   Parking. 640
      (a)   Taxis shall park only at taxicab stands designated pursuant to Title 12. The penalty for violation of this subsection shall be that provided in Title 12.
   (2)   Taxicab Stands.
      (a)   The first taxi to park shall move to the front of the area designated as a stand. Each taxi thereafter shall park immediately behind the taxi ahead of it. When a taxi leaves the stand each taxi behind it shall move forward.
      (b)   No taxi parked at the front of the stand area shall refuse to carry any orderly person who desires to hire it.
   (3)   Cruising and Soliciting.
      (a)   No taxi driver shall try to attract passengers by driving on any street at a slower speed than the flow of traffic or in any manner that interferes with the flow of traffic.
      (b)   No taxi driver shall solicit passengers unless he is standing immediately beside his taxi or sitting in the driver's seat.



   Licensing requirements of this Section repealed by 1957 Ordinances, p. 19, and subsequent Sections renumbered; amended by deleting subsection (4), 1990 Ordinances, p. 715.
   Source: 1922 Ordinances, p. 391.