§ 9-304.  Penalties. 609
   (1)   The Department of Public Property and the Department of Streets, with the aid of the Police Department if necessary, shall prevent the unauthorized construction or maintenance of any underground wires, poles or overhead wires, and may remove them when they are erected or maintained in violation of this Chapter. 610
   (2)   Before the removal of any underground wire, pole or overhead wire, the Department of Public Property shall serve a written notice of the violation upon the owner or operator thereof, directing compliance within a reasonable period prescribed by the Department of Public Property, but not less than 30 days. At the expiration of the time for compliance, if the violation has not been corrected, the Department of Public Property may itself or by contract remove or disconnect such overhead wires, poles or underground wires, charge the cost to the owner or operator responsible for them. The Law Department shall act to collect such costs by lien or as otherwise legally provided.



   Amended by deleting former subsection (1) and renumbering, 1990 Ordinances, p. 715.
   Source: 1908 Ordinances, p. 34.