§ 9-303.  Underground Wires. 606
   (1)   Definitions. In this Section the following definitions apply:
      (a)   Underground Wires. Shall have the meaning provided for Underground Facilities in Chapter 11-700.
   (2)   General Provisions. 607
      (a)   No person shall construct, use or maintain any underground wire in the Right-of-Way, as defined in Chapter 11-700, except as authorized by and in accordance with Chapter 11-700 and the applicable provisions of this Chapter.
      (b)   No person shall construct any underground wire unless he has obtained a permit provided in Section 11-204.
      (c)   The construction and maintenance of underground wire shall be under the supervision of the Department of Streets, which shall have free access to them for inspection or making connections for the use by the City.
      (d)   Upon 30 days notice from the Department of Public Property, any person to whom the privilege of constructing any underground wire has been granted shall be required to furnish to the City for its free use, one tube, duct or chamber of a conduit, or the equivalent in good working wires.
      (e)   Failure to comply with subsection 9-303(3)(d) within 30 days of the time specified shall result in forfeiture of the privilege of constructing or maintaining underground wires. 608
      (f)   Any person to whom the privilege of constructing or maintaining underground wires has been granted shall be liable for injury or damages to Underground Facilities caused by the opening of street or the construction or maintenance of the underground wires.



   Amended by repealing subsections relating to "Private Signal Alarm Systems" and relating to taxes and fees payable by Sound Reproduction Licensees, 1993 Ordinances, p. 1207. Amended, Bill No. 050065 (approved April 20, 2005).
   Source: 1883 Ordinances, p. 68; 1886 Ordinances, p. 243.
   Charges for certain underground wires repealed by 1957 Ordinances, p. 387, and subsequent subsections renumbered.