§ 9-105.  Penalties. 9
   (1)   Except as otherwise provided in Chapters 9-600, 9-702, 9-800, 9-900, 9-1000, 9-1100, 9-1200, 9-1600, 9-4000 and 9-4200, 10 Sections 9-604, 9-622 11 and 9-623 12 of this Title, and subsection 11-707(1) of Title 11, any person who violates any provision of this Title or any regulation adopted hereunder shall, in addition to any other penalty indicated in this Title, pay a fine of no less than one hundred fifty dollars ($150) nor more than three hundred dollars ($300). 13
   (2)   In addition to the penalties outlined in this Title, any licensee who has failed to pay the fines and/or costs imposed under this Section within ten (10) days of imposition by a final order from which all appeals have been exhausted shall have said license revoked and shall cease operation until all fines and costs are paid. The Department of Licenses and Inspections may issue Cease Operations Orders in accordance with the same procedures as set out in Section 6-103 of the Health Code.
   (3)   Any person who is required to obtain a license under this Title and has failed to do so as required shall be deemed to have appointed the Managing Director of the City of Philadelphia as his agent to accept service of process in connection with any action by the City of Philadelphia.
   (4)   Repeat Offenders. Any person who, on more than one (1) occasion, violates any provision of this Title, except any provision of Chapters 9-702, 9-800, 9-900, 9-1100, 9-1200 or 9-1600, or Section 9-604 of this Title, shall be guilty of a separate offense of Repeat Violation, and for each such Repeat Violation, shall be subject to a fine of not more than three hundred dollars ($300), or imprisonment for not more than ninety (90) days, or both. A person shall be guilty of a Repeat Violation regardless whether the second or subsequent violation occurs before or after a judicial finding of a first or previous violation. Each violation, after the first, shall; constitute a separate Repeat Violation offense.



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