§ 7-105.  Application and Affordable Housing Plan.
   (1)   Application. For all developments covered by this Chapter, the applicant shall file with the Planning Commission an application for approval of the development on a form provided and required by the Planning Commission. The application shall require and the applicant shall provide, among other things, general information about the nature and scope of the development and such other documents and information as the Planning Commission may require to evaluate the proposed development under the provisions of this Chapter. The applicant shall also comply with any other applicable requirements of the Planning Commission under Section 14-708. 3
   (2)   Affordable Housing Plan. As part of the application process, the applicant shall file with the Planning Commission an affordable housing plan that specifies the development's compliance with each of the applicable requirements of this Chapter. The plan shall be subject to the approval of the Planning Commission and shall be incorporated into the development agreement between the applicant and the City as required by Section 7-106. At a minimum, the plan shall contain the following information:
      (a)   A general description of the development, whether the development will contain rental or individually owned units, or both, and, if the affordable units will be built off-site, the location of such off-site units;
      (b)   The total number of market rate dwelling units and Affordable Dwelling Units; and for each such unit or group of units:
         (.1)   The number of bedrooms;
         (.2)   The square footage;
         (.3)   The sale or rental price;
         (.4)   The phasing and construction schedule; and
         (.5)   Documentation and plans regarding the exterior and interior appearances, materials and finishes of the development and each of the individual units;
         (.6)   The target household income range.
   (3)   The approval of the Planning Commission shall be required for any development covered by this Chapter and such approval shall become part of the development agreement entered into between the City and the applicant.



   Amended, Bill No. 120774-A (approved January 14, 2013).