§ 7-103.  Applicability.
   (1)   This Chapter applies to any development project consisting of the construction or rehabilitation of twenty (20) or more dwelling units at any one location, including condominium conversions, and regardless whether for sale or for rent, and regardless over what time period the construction or rehabilitation is scheduled; except that this Chapter shall not apply to any development project which, pursuant to a grant of government funding or other governmental financial assistance, provides affordable housing independent of the requirements of this Chapter. An applicant shall not avoid the applicability of this Chapter by submitting piecemeal applications or approval requests for subdivision plats, site or development plans or building permits. Any applicant may apply for approval of a preliminary plan of subdivision, for approval of a site or development plan or for a building permit for fewer than twenty (20) dwelling units at any time; but the applicant must agree in writing that the applicant will comply with this Chapter when the total number of dwelling units at one location reaches twenty (20) or more.