§ 6-1203.  Required Submission. 160
   (1)   Every dispenser or pharmacy located in the City shall, according to the format determined by the Board, electronically submit to the department, for each controlled substance dispensed, the following information:
      (a)   The full name of the prescriber.
      (b)   The prescriber's Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) registration number.
      (c)   The date the prescription was written.
      (d)   The date the prescription was dispensed.
      (e)   A unique identifying number assigned by the dispenser or pharmacy for the person for whom the prescription was written and dispensed. This number shall not indicate in any manner the identity, or any characteristics that could be used to reveal the identity, of the person.
      (f)   The National Drug Code.
      (g)   The quantity and days' supply.
      (h)   The DEA registration number and National Provider Identifier of the dispenser or pharmacy.
      (i)   The method of payment for the prescription.
   (2)   Frequency. A dispenser or pharmacy shall submit to the department all information required under subsection (1) no later than five days after the close of the month in which the controlled substance was dispensed. A dispenser or pharmacy may submit the required information more frequently, in a manner and on a schedule prescribed by the Board.



   Section 2 of Bill No. 190715 reads: "This Ordinance shall be effective immediately, except that the provisions of Section 6-1203 of the Code ("Required Submission"), added by Section 1 of this Ordinance, shall be effective upon a date set forth in regulations of the Board of Health, not less than sixty (60) days after the Board of Health has finalized implementing regulations."