§ 6-1102.  Identifying Nuisance Health Establishments.
   (1)   The Commissioner and his designees may enter and inspect at reasonable times and in a reasonable manner any Health Establishment within the City for the purpose of determining whether it is a Nuisance Health Establishment.
   (2)   A Health Establishment shall not be considered a Nuisance Health Establishment unless the Department finds that the Health Establishment provides for the administration, dispensing, delivery, gift or prescription by any Practitioner of a Controlled Substance other than in accordance with generally accepted standards of care for medical practices. Additional factors to be considered by the Department in determining whether a Health Establishment is a Nuisance Health Establishment include, but are not limited to:
      (a)   Loitering or idling, as those terms are commonly understood, in the vicinity of the Health Establishment;
      (b)   The presence of armed guards and/or large quantities of cash or money orders in the Health Establishment;
      (c)   Criminal activity in the immediate vicinity of the Health Establishment that reasonably can be linked to Controlled Substance use, sale or the exchange of compensation for prescriptions for Controlled Substances.