§ 6-502.  Orders.
   (1)   Except as otherwise provided and subject to the provisions of the Charter, whenever the Department determines that the Health Code or the regulations adopted under it require any action or forbearance from any action to be effected by order, it shall make an order requiring such action or forbearance.
   (2)   All such orders shall be in writing and shall be served on the person from whom action, forbearance, or compliance is required except that where the Department finds willfulness or a menace to public health requiring immediate corrective action such orders may be oral in the first instance.
   (3)   Any person to whom such an order is directed or from whom any action, forbearance, or compliance is in any way required shall comply with such order within such reasonable period of time as the Department shall specify in such order. 78
   (4)   While an appeal from an order, as hereafter provided, is pending, compliance with such order shall not be required unless the Department finds, and certifies in writing in such order, that immediate compliance is necessary to protect the public health.
   (5)   Any person who is aggrieved by an order directed to him or requiring any action, forbearance, or compliance from him may, prior to taking an appeal therefrom pursuant to Section 6-504, request and receive a prompt hearing before the Health Commissioner or any representative specifically designated by him, provided that such request for hearing is made in writing within 5 days from the receipt of such order.



   Amended, 1964 Ordinances, p. 41; amended, 1977 Ordinances, p. 775.