§ 6-306.  Meat and Meat Products.
   (1)   Slaughter of Animals.
      (a)   No animal shall be slaughtered for sale for human consumption except in a food establishment which complies with the applicable requirements of this Code and such regulations as the Board may prescribe for ante- mortem or post-mortem inspection.
      (b)   Every ante-mortem and post-mortem inspection required by the Board shall be made by inspectors approved by the Department. If such inspectors find after due inspection or inspections that:
         (.1)   the animal or any part thereof is fit for human consumption, they shall affix to each and every primal part of the carcass thereof which is fit for human consumption such mark, stamp or other designation of approval as the Board may by regulation prescribe;
         (.2)   the animal or any part thereof is adulterated, they shall forthwith cause it to be condemned as provided in Section 6-304.
      (c)   Where ante-mortem or post-mortem inspections are required by the Board, no person shall sell any meat or meat products for human consumption unless it is first inspected and approved as provided in subsection 6-306(1)(b)(.1).
      (d)   No person shall handle, skin, butcher, cut up, dress, or prepare any adulterated meat or meat products in any part of any food establishment where animals are slaughtered, dressed, or prepared for human food.
   (2)   Shellfish.
      (a)   Shellfish shall be handled, shucked, stored, washed, packed and repacked in accordance with such regulations as the Board may prescribe to assure their cleanliness and wholesomeness.
      (b)   All lots of shellfish, except those which are completely sterilized, shall originate from sources approved by the United States Public Health Service and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and shall be plainly marked with the name of the packer or shipper, their source, the time when they were gathered and packed and such further information as the Board may by regulation prescribe to insure their cleanliness and wholesomeness.