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P-1002.6 Building (House) Traps and Fresh Air Inlets.Building (house)traps shall be prohibited.A building (house) trap shall be required for every building, structure or house with a building sewer connected to sanitary or combined sewer. A building (house) trap shall be located at the curb line of the building, structure or house that it is servicing. The building (house trap) shall not be less in size than the house drain pipe it traps, and in no case less than 5 inches for sanitary or combination sewers or 6 inches for storm sewers. No flex seal coupling shall be permitted. Fresh air inlets shall be 4 inches for 5-inch and 6-inch drains; 6 inches for 8-inch drains; two 6-inch vents for 10-inch drains with 8-inch standpipe; two 6-inch vents for 12-inch drains with 10-inch standpipe; two 6- inch vents for 15-inch drains with 10-inch standpipe. Where two fresh air inlets are used, connections shall be made by use of a wye on the standpipe. Vents larger than 6 inches shall not terminate at ground level. In lieu of multiple vents, use of "Shuster" type vent or equal, properly sized, shall be permitted.
P-1002.6.1 Fresh air inlet location. Fresh air inlets shall lead to the outer air and open at a convenient point, on the footway in the front of the building or at the curb line and shall have a cover with openings at least three-fourths of the area of the pipe. In no case shall an air inlet open within 10 feet of any door, window, or fresh air intake for a heater or ventilation system.
P-1002.6.2 Fresh air inlet requirements. Fresh air inlets shall be so arranged as to prevent the admission of sticks or other articles that would tend to obstruct the main trap. They shall be at least 1/4 inch in thickness and fastened with brass screws or bolts in order that the top can be removed if necessary, and the body shall be caulked fast to the upright pipe by a lead joint. Only approved air inlets shall be used.
P-1002.6.3 Relief Vent. A relief vent shall be installed on the building (house) drain before the main building (house) trap inside the building and be connected to the nearest vent line for any building 75 feet or higher. On building (house) drains of 8 inches or less, the vent shall be a minimum of 4 inches . On building (house) drains 10 inches and over, the relief vent shall be a minimum of 5 inches.
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